Important: Charme & Distinction agency offers escort paid services for outings, dinners, business trips or tourism, exhibitions or shows. Any other interpretation is subjective, and we disclaim confusion between the proposed service here and a sexual service. This escorting service is free consent of each party. The agency does not meet mutually granted benefits between the plaintiff and the model concerned during the appointment through the agency.

Dear Gentlemens we also thank you for respecting certain logical rules of decorum, discretion and respect so that your appointment runs under optimal conditions.


In this context, it is forbidden to ask the escort for their contact details and identity and we ask that you refrain from disclosing anything about you. Both parties are bound by a confidentiality and respect for others' privacy..
It is strictly forbidden to photograph or film during the meeting, except by prior agreement with the agency, which will require the agreement with the model concerned.

Also, we ask for a reasonable period depending on where the young woman's residence and place of appointment proposed between your first contact and the arrival of the model.
Remember that our escorts need to be flawless and serene when they arrived and that any self-respecting girl and wishing ideally satisfy your request will need time and quiet to prepare to meet you.
If unfortunately, and despite her efforts, the escort did not meet your expectations upon arrival, you will be asked to thank her for moving or by compensating the time at 100 CHF.

Finally, you must not in any way encourage drinking more than necessary, or the use of illegal products. The attendant remains your responsibility throughout the duration of the meeting.

The charter is presented in the desire to respect the freedom of each. That's why you may find that the faces of all our models and identities are carefully concealed to ensure total privacy and a right of withdrawal without any consequences. We will therefore be grateful if preserve the anonymity of all people you'll be brought to meet in this setting.
Representatives of the agency Charm & Distinction agree to exercise their role without also pass the bounds of mutual respect and without exerting any pressure on customers and models.

We are and will always be attentive to the quality of life of our models. We are also aware of the risk of work of a minor, which is why we require a copy of her birth before a first date and we give obligation denunciation of any illicit practice or abuse of any kind the police, seeking their intervention in faster, even if the accused person, and / or the victim, said to be willing.

Charme & Distinction wants flawless as the welfare of its models. We therefore ask you not to act and inform us if one of our escorts seems to be in a moral distress or pregnant. The agency is committed to best help the person in need and to orient it in the steps that will benefit her.
If, despite all the measures taken you encounter problems, whatever the nature, we remain reachable 24h / 24 and 7/7 by email. We will endeavor to find an appropriate solution as soon as possible.